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Leopard and Crested Advice from an Expert, Garrick DeMeyer.
HerpDaily.com article -

This is part 2 of the 2 part series involving Garrick DeMeyer and his thoughts and advice on the breeding portion of the reptile hobby. Part 2 covers advice and insights on breeding Leopard Geckos and Crested Geckos.

CHRIS: Hello Mr.DeMeyer, we would like to start the 2nd portion of this series with the question: where do you see the Leopard and Crested Gecko industries in the next 5 years?
GARRICK:The leopard gecko market has seen some huge changes over the past few years. There have been so many new morphs introduced- raptors, diablos, embers, enigmas, snows, and all of the crosses. There were a lot of people that jumped into the market when these morphs became available. Many of these breeders found out the hard way just how quickly the prices of most leopard gecko morphs can drop- especially dominant and co-dominant morphs. Leopards just have such a short generation time. A breeder can turn a single individual dominant morph into hundreds, or even thousands of them in just a couple years. However, the demand for leopard geckos is as high now as it has been in years, at least for the lower-end geckos. They are just such a great introductory species. I feel they are one of the key reptiles to help bring in new hobbyists, which keeps our industry thriving. I see some breeders getting out of leopard geckos for the same reasons as the ball pythons.: lots of competition and overall pricing being lower than what they expected. Those that stick with it should see prices stabilize a bit, although at a lower level for most morphs.
The crested gecko marking is doing well, too. There are a lot of breeders working with them now, compared to 1998 when I got my first geckos. There are so many color and pattern morphs being developed. I just set up another dozen breeding groups of them yesterday. I couldn’t believe the colors of some of the geckos I was putting into groups. They are like nothing I’ve ever seen before! Brilliant reds, oranges, creamsickles, extremely harlequins, and pinstripes. The next 5 years will bring even more incredible morphs. Prices for more common types will stay pretty low, probably around where they are now. The top-notch individuals will always command a high price, though.

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